Botanical Bar F.A.Q.

What exactly are your cocktails made from, if not from alcohol?

Inspired by ancient heath tonics and modern amari, Botonics are created with a specific selection of botanicals and nootropics to help your mind, body, and soul: *Glow, *Focus, *Socialize, *Relax, and *Restore. 


(Botonic descriptions and ingredients COMING SOON)

Is it safe?

*All of these ingredients are natural or occur naturally in the body. Our Botonic is designed specifically to ensure no one is in danger. As with any substance, excess leads to danger. We recommend a maximum 4 servings per day. Like many herbs that uplift the mind, we do not recommend consuming Botonics if you are on SSRI's or MOAI's, as this can lead to mental harm. 

Why a Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Bar?

We wanted to create a space to allow Adults the opportunity to socialize in a setting outside of alcohol. We neither promote nor condone alcohol. We're offering a space to break the spiral we all know too well in the service industry. We're offering a space for both drinkers and non drinkers alike, to enjoy a sober night of socializing, live music, and botanical cocktails.

*These statements have not be evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to cure, prevent, or cure any disease.

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